Before the Industrial Revolution and before sewing machines, all leather goods were hand-sewn by artisans. These days only high-end products are being made this way, and only by those who don't compromise on the quality.

For us, the stitching technique we use is not just a necessary part of the construction process, but one of the main features of our designs. We stitch our pieces by hand for the aesthetics and durability that only hand-stitching can provide.


Hand-Stitching vs Machine-Stitching

Hand-stitching is done with only two needles and waxed linen thread. To create each stitch, the entire piece has to be pierced through with an awl. The thread runs back and forth on either side of the leather in what is called a "saddle stitch".

For the machine-sewn, "lock stitch", two separate spools of thread are used. A sewing machine pierces the piece with the needle and passes a small loop of thread through the top of the leather which interlocks with the thread from the bottom of the leather.

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