About Us

The Leather Chef is a registered Trademark of the parent Company Honeycomb Design (OPC) Private Limited.
It is an independent design and build workshop focusing on leather goods that are simple in form and function. Traditional crafting methods are employed to create durable goods that are built to last a lifetime.
The beginnings of our work go back to the year 2017. That time we were studying and practising the hand stitching techniques on small leather Goods. Definitely Machine sewing is the best way for mass production and perceived to achieve the best quality. But hand-stitched piece provides a stronger and durable construction than the machine sewn piece. 
After few months of experimentation and learnings, we started wrapping the charger cord with leather as one of our project. We discovered its unique properties and plenty of new possibilities. 
Our main motto and take on this matter is the core of our philosophy. We want to return the craftsmanship its actual meaning and deliver the truly handcrafted products. We were doing it part time earlier and taking the projects. With the time we decided to go for full time to follow our passion and the dream we had.
Our passion for unique design, love for leather handicraft and collaboration brought our vision, and products, to life.
Our Products bring together the finest leather and stunning design to create something very special. We believe in quality, care, and creating handmade leather goods that everyone can keep with them for whole of their life. Creativeness, craftsmanship and inspired by the artisans whom we appreciate everyday, each product represents the hardwork of those craftsmen. Enjoy the beauty of handcrafted leather goods. We hope they will inspire you too. 

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