Hand Stitching

Handmade Leather Goods are more relatable, durable and there is always a feeling that a person behind that product. 

All Leather Goods were hand sewn by artisans before the invention of sewing machine. The Stitching technique which we are using is not only the construction process but also one of the very important and main feature of Design and our Brand.


A traditional hand stitch, which is also known as saddle stitch, is performed with two needles, stitching chisel, pre waxed thread, and a good amount of patience. This process sounds very simple but very hard to master. Marking of stitching lines, punching of holes with stitching chisel and stitch together from both side of the leather with each needle. By this method we are creating the lock stitch. It has a distinct durability advantage when compared to the lock stitch technique used by machine stitching.

Long and Time Consuming

The saddle stitching technique takes a longer time to complete a product at our workshop. This makes our process very time intensive and therefore more expensive to make. In our workshop, our designs are the artisanal process that starts with the careful selection of leather and ends with saddle stitched construction on each piece. Not only the technique itself guarantees such an extraordinary look, but persistent pursuit of excellence.

Feel the fragrance of Indian Handicraft with The Leather Chef’s products.




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